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11 Somalis, 10 Ethiopians arrested in Luxor for entering Egypt illegally

Storyline:National News

Eleven Somalis and 10 Ethiopians were arrested Friday in a train arriving in Luxor, southern Egypt, for having entered the country illegally, Youm7 reported.

Some people from Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia occasionally arrive in Egypt to travel illegally to Libya or Europe.

On Wednesday, 72 Somalis, three Congolese, two Sudanese and one Gambian were arrested before boarding a boat to Italy from Kafr el-Sheikh in the Delta. On the same day in the Western Desert, 240 Egyptians and five Sudanese were arrested trying to access Libya illegally.

In an Oct. 13 statement, military spokesperson Mohamed Samir reported that 2,215 people were arrested in illegal immigration attempts in September, both in cities on the Mediterranean and at the Egyptian-Libya borders.