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132 street children abandon shelter for homeless in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Rehabilitation and feeding centre for street children in Abdiaziz district in Banadir region is abandoned by 102 street children due to lack of service.

The centre was initially opened and sponsored by the First Lady of former President Hassan Mohamud accommodating 332 homeless children where they used to receive education, medical services and meals.

Usamah Abdinoor Ali is among the children in the feeding shelter for the last 2 years. He is among the children caught from Hamarweyne sniffing glue and other hard substances.

“I was brought here to have good life after they rescued me using narcotics in the street. Former 1st Lady used to support us. I am here for 2years and neglected after the presidential election. We used to get nice food and clothes” said Usamah.

The Manager of the centre Halima Abdulle Ali sends a strong message to the government and Somali people.

“We had 332 streets and we cannot support them anymore and 132 of them already left to the streets. Some of them are seen committing crimes. We need quick action from the authorities and the people” she said

A civil society advocator Ubah Mohamed Noor appealed to Banadir administration and philanthropist to come to the aid of the street children.

“The street children of this centre were supported by the former First Lady and also the former Banadir Mayor. These children need a lot of care. We expect the same treatment from the current Mayor of Mogadishu” said Ubah.

The centre is operating for a period of two years and the future of the street children in the centre is gone the same way as the political future of the former First Lady when she handed over her role as the mother of the nation.

Currently their humanitarian crisis in the feeding centre is in alarming state and the remaining destitute children will once again face the harsh reality of street life if no solution is found soon.

“I appeal to the Somali President and any other official to support us like the former First Lady” says Usamah who is now facing the bleak future of returning to the harsh reality of street life once again like his colleagues in the centre.