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14 Women Raped in Mogadishu-Baidoa Road

Storyline:National News

The vehicle drivers along the road between Mogadishu and Baidoa are still complaining of roadblocks that are controlled by armed bandits with full uniform of the government forces dress.

Armed groups have been torturing and expelling the passengers on the road between Mogadishu-Baidoa road sources told Goobjoog News.

The impact of the harassment of armed groups is increasing and reports suggest that 14 women were raped who were traveling on the road in the last two days.

Passengers are accumulated in cash and occasionally with fun firing causing damage to death and injuries.

The Security Council Conference recently held in Baidoa was discussed nad ordered to be deployed to troops in the road to prevent the armed groups harming the passengers.

Somalia’s draft constitution includes provisions for new laws on rape, sexual violence and female genital mutilation, and sets the minimum age for marriage at 18. But political progress is slow, and the legislation is yet to be passed.

the causes of the pervasive rape can be found in the decades of anarchic conflict that began in 1991 and continues in some parts of the country today.

“Sexual violence is another legacy of the war in Somalia,”

Goobjoog News