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Business booms at the Mogadishu Seaport

Storyline:Business, National News

A visit to the Mogadishu seaport today reveals a hub of activity, massive business and transformation. Here, ships dock as others wait in tow; modern containers have replaced the dhows, with new cranes moving cargo to and from ships. This is Mogadishu’s major route for exports and imports, with the former mainly comprising of fruit and livestock.

The reduced threat of piracy and improved security has attracted more business to the port, with growing investor confidence.

Anton Gorbakon, Chief Officer of the Ruby Singapore Ship says the improved security and modernized facilities at the port have been a huge attraction.

“There is new management here at the Mogadishu Port and it’s growing really fast and attracting international companies like Parmer Lines, Mediterranean Shipping Company, CMSGM and everybody would like to do business with Mogadishu because it’s a growing market. I believe very soon everything will be fine in Mogadishu,” he says.

Thousands of containers are come to and leave the port every month, in a sector expected to grow further and generate revenue for the government.

“Over the last few months, the capacity of cargo and containers has increased. We deliver around 300 units every month and this is only our ship, we take the loaded containers to and from Mogadishu every month, step by step the port is growing,” adds Anton Gorbakon, Chief Officer of the Ruby Singapore ship.

The Mogadishu seaport was handed over by the government to Turkish company Al Bayrak, expected to modernize the port, bring in new technology and above all, create employment opportunities for Somali youths.

This booming business at this port attests not to the dividends of relative peace in Somalia and indeed a country on the move to progress.