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3 people starved to death in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Three people died due to hunger in Daryel IDP camp in Kahda location situated in the outskirt of Mogadishu city.

The death claimed three children due to starvation after their parent were unable to provide daily ration for them in the last seven days.

A care taker of the Daryel IDP camp Mohamed Dubad Hassan narrated how the Banadir Administration used to provide one plain meal per day in the camp but stopped the service for the past one week.

“Humanitarian emergency exist in Daryel IDP camp. Banadir Administration used to feed the people with rice as a single meal per day but now stopped. 3 children died due to malnutrition. Others are weak while some are bedridden and cannot go outside for help” said Mohamed

The care taker of Daryel IDP camp Mohamed is appealing to the federal government of Somalia and the National Committee on Drought Response to provide quick emergency relief to the people residing in the camp.