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Update: Wanted minister Escaped to Kenya

Storyline:National News, Security

Jubbaland regional government security minister, Abdirashid Janan, who escaped from a cell in Mogadishu on 28 January, has finally arrived in Kismayo on Friday, Lower Juba. Jubbaland State Director of Information, Mohamed Ahmed Sabriye confirmed that Abdirashid Janan arrived in Kismayo by boat from Mogadishu.

After a few hours spent in Kismayo, where he met with Jubbaland leaders, intellectuals, military officials and discussed special issues, He was reportedly travelled to Kenya by a private jet flew from Kismayo airport to Nairobi.Besides ministers arrival in Kismayo, some of Gedo regions main towns including Dolow, Beled-Hawa, Bardere, Garbaharey districts residents revealed major demonstrations to support the arrival of Abdirashid Janan.

Abdirashid, Jubaland security minister was arrested on August 31, 2019, by the Somali police forces accused of serious crimes against human rights low. However, His arrest welcomed by Amnesty International and human right organizations.

Last week, Jubaland regional state accused the federal government of hijacking the minister and not classified whether he is alive or dead and called the federal government to identify the minister’s location.

According to the source, Abdirashid Janan “escaped” from a house near the Headquarter of National Intelligence and Security Agency where he was brought in just about five days ago. He reportedly “escaped” through a window.

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