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6th Burundian contingent leaves after one year service in Somalia

Storyline:National News

Burundian Soldiers in somaliaThe 6th Burundian contingent rotated after one year of service in Somalia under African peace-keeping troops.

During a colourful ceremony meant to see off the contingent many Somali intellectuals who attended the event commended the role Burundian troops during their time in Somalia.

A senior Somali national army officer Mohamud Hassan praised Burundian soldier’s efforts to restore law and order in Somalia.

“ Somalia and the Somalis will never forget the Burundian soldiers for coming to help us in this conflict. We pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the service and we will never forget them” said General Mohamud Hassan.

The 7th Burundian contingent is expected to arrive the following few days to replace the outgoing contingent.