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A civilian killed in Hanan Bure locality

Storyline:National News

Reports from Galgadud region in Central Somalia states that a civilian was killed in Hanan Bure locality.

The murder occurred after the two men met in an area where prayer for rain was conducted and argued for unknown reason.

The murderer has been fugitive after he recently killed the wife of the murdered man. He had fear the man might kill him in retaliation of his wife’s death and immediately killed him as the administrator of Hanan Bure locality Aydiid Mohamed Osoble confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

The murderer escaped without delay , the body of the man was moved Godon Labe locality in Galgadud region.

Traditional elders in Galgadud region who reached the area where the civilian was killed are making efforts to stop tensions that might be sparked by the murder, they express concern that if the issue is not tackled immediately might turn to clan clashes.

The administration of Hanan Bure has not given comments about the planned killings that has been increasing the recent months.