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A delegation comprising former MPs and elders arrive in Baladwein town to mediate a tribal conflict in Diifow area.

Storyline:Archive, National News


A delegation comprising former MPs of the transitional government of Somalia in Baladwein town, the headquarter of Hiran region to mediate a tribal conflict in Diifow area, Hiran.

They held joint press conference in the town stating that they came to Baladwein to stop the bloodshed causing by the fighting and called the militias of the warring clans in Deefow immediate cease fire without condition.

The group said the clashes in the region will really affect the normal lives of the civilians in the region adding that its harms are far more than its benefits.

They called the administrations of Hiraan region and intellectuals to take action of ending the hostilities and tensions between the neighboring clans in Deefow locality.

The remarks of the elders follow deadly clashes between two brotherly clans that embarked in Deefow approximately 35km north of Baladwein which left many people died.