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A former senior Al-Shabab official gives tips off about Samantha Lewthwaite

Storyline:National News

Zakariye Ismail Hirsi a former senior Al-Shabab official who surrendered to the federal government of Somalia has given out tips off that can lead the incarceration of the most wanted woman Samantha Lewthwaite.
According to The Mirror news of Britain, citing intelligence officials said that Britain government is preparing a special force that will carry out a thorough operation to apprehend the white widow as they use the information provided by Zakaria Ismail Hersi
The agency added that Zakeriye informed MI6 that Lewthwaite lives in Raskamboni forest of southern Somalia with specially trained Al-shabab battalion called martyrdom.
British intelligence official whose name withheld said that the mission’s plan is close to
Conclusion and that soon the mission will be commenced to seize Samantha.
“Samantha is a significant person for Al-Shabab fighters and she is the mastermind of attacks carried by the group” the unnamed official told Mirror news