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A local NGO contributes cash many localities in Gedo

Storyline:National News

Reports from Gedo region confirm that SAADO foundation, a local NGO operating in southern Somalia has contributed notes to over 2500 families in many villages and hamlets of Gedo region including Gerilley, Dhuyacgoron, Dad-Shimbir, Wadajir, Ows-Qurun, Garsaal, Simirole,Busaar, Bulabardheyso, warey, Jabile , Hantarako, Eel-bande and Labijaw.
Mohamed Khadar Abdi Noor, SAADO workers speaking to Goobjoog FM has stated that the beneficiaries who include orphans, disables and aged people have fulfilled the conditions and requirements the agency needed.
Mohamed added that the cash contribution project will be continuous for the next four months in Gedo region.
“SAADO foundation which has been operating in Gedo region for the last four years has implemented many projects and distributions. Today the agency contributed cash 70 US dollars to local residents in many villages of Gedo” Mohamed said.