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A mad man kills his brother in Jowhar before he escapes

Storyline:National News

Reports from Jowhar, the headquarters of middle Shabelle region state that a mad man killed his brother after augment.

Mohamed Ali Magan, the father of both the deceased and the murderer told Goobjoog FM that his sons confronted severally but he managed to solve their difference.

Mr. Magan added that his deceased son was at Fajar prayer when he was attacked with machete by his brother.

“ He suffered two hits, one at the head and the other at heart, he died on the spot” The father said weeping.

The murderer immediately escaped from the scene as the father confirmed to the media.

The security forces in hot pursuit of the fugitive launched operations in Jowhar.

Hundreds of people including family friends arrived home to condole Mr. Magan’s family.