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A mother of two children endorse her thesis book in Mogadishu, Somalia

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Ayaan Abdukadir Antob, a mother of two children on her twenties made the most talked-about victory after she has endorsed her thesis book last week with a degree of Business Administration from the University of Somalia (UNISO) in the capital Mogadishu.

Ayaan Abdukadir Antob

Born in Somalia Ayaan said she has joined the university 9th September 2015 and started the faculty of Business Administration at University of Somalia.

Despite enjoying as a young girl to continue with studies, Ayan faced a stumbling block that changed her priorities.

“I got married on my second year in the university and I just found it will be hard to fulfil my dreams of continuing my studies as a wife,” Ayan told Goobjoog News

After one year of struggling with family and her studies, Ayan got her first-born baby girl on 17th July 2017.

“The responsibility of being a mother has now become another new struggle that has added to my daily routine life while having the passion to continue my university,” said Ayan

Despite all her hard work on her education, Ayan was still able to dedicate some of her time for her family to take care of her husband and her little baby.

On 9th September 2018 on her second last semester, Ayan gave birth on her second-born baby girl.

As a mother of now two children she was still able to prove compassion and caring toward people who may not otherwise have a great support system at home.

She tells, “When I come home, I know that even though I’m tired, I’ve done good work and am able to show my children that they can make a difference in their world.”

But despite it all, she didn’t lose sight of what she wanted.

“I always thank my university colleagues, my family and my husband who was always on my side and have encouraged me to achieve my goal,” she added


Finally, Ayan Abdulkadir Antob wants to look for a job that she can manage to continue her education to the next level.

“Thanks to God that today I am at the conclusion, just waiting for the final exam of the university and the graduation ceremony to celebrate my victory,”

This is a truly wonderful story about the value of lifelong learning. No matter the obstacles you’re facing, you have the capacity to increase your knowledge, sharpen your skills and be a better version of yourself.

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