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A new system to instruct in Somali schools starts in August

Storyline:National News

Somalia education has been craving for a Somali-owned and Somali-prepared education system for the last 30 years,” says Mohamed Abdulkadir, an advisor to the Federal Government’s Ministry of Education, and the official charged with overseeing the implementation of a new education system, including a new national curriculum, across Somalia.

In early August, after students finish the usual two-month summer break, the horn of Africa country’s education system will undergo a major transformation with the adoption a new, unified and streamlined system for primary and secondary schools, covering everything from subjects to terms.

Under the new system, commonly referred to the ‘4-4-4 system,’ students will spend four years in lower-primary education, four years in upper-primary and another four years in secondary school before being able to enrol in institutions of higher learning.

In addition, students with talent in different fields, including sports, music and art, will be identified and nurtured to realise their full potential in these areas.

“Our aim is to ensure our children access to education as well as opportunities where they can exploit their talents for their benefit and that of the country,” says Mr Abdulkadir.

The school calendar year will be divided into two academic terms, with the first term running between January and May, and the second from August to December.

In preparation for the new system, the federal authorities had put in place a pilot programme in various schools in the capital, Mogadishu, and teachers around the country have been undergoing training since the beginning of June.

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