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A politician accuse of Interim Juba administration of committing human right violations

Storyline:National News

The interim administration of Juba in Southern Somalia is accused of committing serious human right violations in Kismayo, the administrative capital of the regional state.

Traditional elders and politicians confirm that civilians face serious abuses such as torture, killings and other conflict related abuses pointing a blame finger at interim Juba forces.

Mohamed Aden, among the politicians in Lower Juba region speaking to Goobjoog FM said the violations against civilians increase day after but Juba administration no steps to punish nor prosecute the officials especially the military and police accused of committing planned killings, rape and other life threatening acts.

The politician called the federal government of Somalia, International community and human right group to intervene and assess the increasing cases of violations in the region.

“ I urge the government of Somalia, international community and human right groups to immediately get involved and investigate the abuses against civilians” Mr. Aden said.

On the other hand the administration of Juba in Southern Somalia denied the allegations that their forces committed violations.