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A resolution to be released towards the crisis of the Somali Shillings by Hirsahbelle Parliament

Storyline:National News

A local MP of Hirshabelle State said that they are preparing a declaration in response to the worsening emergency of the trade crisis brought by the local traders in the Middle Shabelle and Hiran regions.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, MP Noor Hashi Warsame cited the need for taking steps as Hirshabelle Parliamentarians during the resumption of business for the local parliament in response to the actions of local traders who refused the Somali Shillings as legal tender.

‘The matter started late June 2017 and the resolution process will take long but we are fully ready for it to help our people. We are indeed sad about this national issue” said MP Noor.

The refusal had an adverse effect on thousands of families residing in the region especially in Beledweyne, Hiran region who were already under the stress of lower living standards while the traders perceive large amount of fake money allegedly flooding the market which led to the business crisis.

Many locations in central and south Somalia are facing restrictions of the Somali shillings for trade exchange while others are compelled to use US$ Dollars to buy goods and the Federal government has done no tangible actions so far to lessen the worsening commerce predicament.


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