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A woman dies in Dhoobley hospital due to lack of medical care

Dhobley hospital

The administration of Dhoobley district in Lower Juba region stated that one of the patients, a woman in Dhoobley general hospital died due to lack of medical care.

Dhoobley district commissioner Mohamed Abdullahi speaking to Goobjoog FM said  the death of the patient came a time when the general hospital is faced with acute shortage of drugs.

Mr. Mohamed said the essential services of the hospital was crippled and the hospital is on the verge of closure if does not receive medical supplies immediately.

The commissioner said that Save the children now manages the hospital adding that it has not tackled the need of the people properly.

He called the federal government of Somalia and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver medical supplies to the hospitals in the region.

Dhoobley General Hospital is a Community based Hospital, which has been built to tackle the health problems and give an adequate healthcare service to the community living in Lower Juba, Middle Juba and Gedo provinces as well as the internally displaced population in Dhoobley and the surrounding areas of the region.