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Abdikadir Ajuuke accuses the president of South West State despoiling the accord

Storyline:National News

Some of the politicians from Madobe Nunow’s wing accused the president of South West State Shariif Hassan Sheikh Hassan violated of the treaty between the party.

Abdikadir Ajuuke member of Madobe Nunow’s wing told Goobjoog FM that the agreement between the two party was about power sharing of the administration including ministers, and all other departments of the regional government but it didn’t fulfill.

He stated that no was post was nominated for the members of Madowe Nunow’s group and that is contravention of the accord.

On the other hand, Ajuuke pointed out that four of cabinet ministers of South West State were not people from Bay, bakool and lower Shabeela regions and called upon the federal government of Somalia and international community to intervene the matter.