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Abdi Qeybdiid Announces His Presidential Candidacy Of Central State of Somalia

Storyline:National News

DSC02804The president of Galmudug state in Central Somalia today publicly announced that he is  a presidential candidate of the proposed Central Somalia State of that is to be formed soon.

Abdi Awale Qeybdid told his best bet while he was the president of Galmudug, and he pointed out that they have reconstructed government institutions such as Presidential Palace , Parliament building, the construction of the Elders residential areas and  the construction of Abdullahi Isse Mohamud airport and other places.

” In Hobyo District, we built 60% to 70% of administration blocks such as the state house, police station, headquarters of the divisional commander , the former Somalia navy base and district hospital” Qeydiid said.

He added that the remaining areas would be completed soon if elected, as he requested people to vote for him.

“If you give me your votes I promise that I would continue the reconstructions and bring changes within 2 years” said Qeybdiid.

Different people who spoke during the ceremony pledged their support for the candidacy of Abdi Qeybdid.

To date there are several persons who declared their  candidacy for the Central State of Somalia, a proposed new federal state of Somalia, this includes the deputy president of Galmudug state  Hon. Abdisamad Guled.

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