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Abdirahman Diinari declares to  vie for the  presidency of Central Somalia state

Storyline:National News

As the formation of the proposed Central Somalia state is under way the number of candidates vying for the post of presidency is increasing.

The former ambassador of Somalia to South Sudan Abdirahman Noor Mohamed Diinar announced that he will be running for the president of Central state comprising of Mudug and Galgadud regions in a well executed ceremony attended by politicians and civil society from all walks held in Mogadishu.

Speaking during the ceremony Mr. Diinari said that he was inspired by friends to run for the top position in Central state.

“Initially I was not ready to run for the position but some of my friends encouraged me to stand and vie for the post of president so as to do more on  the developmental activities in the region  and promote the needs of the people” Mr. Diinari said.

The state formation conference is expected to open in Adado, the seat of Himan and Heb regional state.