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Abdiweli Qanyare: NISA attempted to kill me

Storyline:National News

A member the Somali federal parliament, Abdiweli Qanyare said he survived an attempt to kill him after his house was last night raided by the government security forces in Mogadishu.

The lawmaker stated the motive behind the raid of the National intelligence and security agency(NISA) forces was to kill him, causing fire exchange  between the security forces and the residence guards.

Mr Abdiweli blamed the national security top officials on the attack, which claimed the life of a senior commander of the National security agency, identified as Aydiid Abdi.

The Somalia National seciruty agency have on Sunday night conducted an attack on a house in areas near the Adan Adde international airport, chasing a wanted warlord Abdi Nure Siyad -known as Abdi Waal- in search of illegal weapons.

According to source close to the National Intelligence and Security Agency, the security forces nabbed two militia commanders and confiscate a number of rifles from the house of the warlord where also the security forces took over its control but the warlord Abdi Waal escaped.