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Acute Water Shortage causes death of 10 people in Yaqley Locality

Storyline:National News





Reports from Middle Shabelle region indicate that at least 10 People have died in Yaqley locality due to an acute water shortage,
Elder, Abdullahi black has told Goobjoog News that most of the people died in that village after the dams in that area dried up.
He noted that the price of one liter of water reached Sh 20000 which is unaffordable for the villagers.
He called for the Aid agencies to intervene the situation and supply water to the areas affected.
It has been reported that the region is facing an acute water shortage due to delay or reduction of rainfall.
Water shortages are a chronic problem in Somalia, mostly affecting the rural population.
The water shortage has forced many residents to walk for many kilometres in search of clean water to drink.