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Administration of Abdi-Aziz: The security of Lido Beach will be tighten to provide Eid celebrator secure place

Storyline:National News

The Administration of Abdiasis district of Benadir region has said that it put more efforts in security during Eid festival.

Abdiaziz district commissioner, Osman Muhudin Ali speaking to Goobjoog News said that they will deploy more troops in Lido beach, who will safeguard the citizen celebrating Eid.

“We are going to tighten the security of Lido beach, I have worked on cleaning and preparing the community for an emergency vehicle in case any acccident occurs, we provide all the things that may be needed, such as first aid workers, because many people are going here for leasure and take their time here during Eid celebration” he said.

Meanwhile all parts of the world especially Somalia which 100% of its population are Muslims will celebrate Muslim three-day Eid al-Adha tomorrow.

Thousands of people come out to open-air venues on the outskirts of the restive Somali capital Mogadishu to take part in the mass prayers to celebrate the annual Muslim Eid-Al-Adha festival.

Wearing their best clothes, Somali men, women and children gathered to listen to sermons given by local religious leaders.

The day’s celebrations are characterized by early morning prayers, slaughtering Animals, visiting families and friends and those who live in Mogadishu, they spend few hours enjoying the sun and the sand of the capital’s famous Lido beach.

During the festival people are encouraged to forgive and wish each other a happy, peaceful and prosperous year.

Somali government officials have also taken part in mass prayers held in Isbahaysiga Mosque of the capital Mogadishu.

Families traditionally buy new clothes and prepare sweets to give out to relatives and neighbours while adults give money to the children.