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Administration of Dhusa-Mareeb Gives Details Of Al-shabab Fighter Who Surrendered

Storyline:National News

The administration of Dhusa-Mareeb town has given out details of Al-shabab fighter who surrender to the government forces in Dhusa-Mareeb town.
Dhusa-mareeb district commissioner Abdirahman Ali Mohamed aliases Geeda-Qorow and commander of the police in that area Abdullahi Garar have jointly expressed the media that Abdullahi Mohamed aka Madoobe is under custody.
“The surrendered man who was landmine expert and trained as bodyguard was treated well and he now happy that he has denounced Al-Shabab ideology furthermore calls other Alshabab youth fighters to vacate” the commander said.
Madobe who spoke at the press conference said that he was misguided by Al-Shabab leaders and he now is ready to live in his country freely as he denounced AlShabab thoughts.
“I Abdullahi Ahmed Muhammad say that from now hence on i condemn the ideology of Al-shabab and will no longer be member therefore I call upon my brothers to repent and care the wellbeing of Somali people”
Finally the Dhusa-mareeb district commissioner commended Madoobe’s idea to surrender saying that Al-Shabab wants eradicate Somali youth.