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Administration of Gedo gainstays MPs selection conference in Dolow town

Storyline:National News

The administration of Gedo region has strongly opposed the regional parliamentarian selection conference in Dolow town which Interim Jubba Administration intended to select MPs who will represent Gedo region in the upcoming IJA parliament.

Abdi Barre Abdi, deputy governor of Gedo, speaking to Goobjoog News stated that they don’t know any legal conference held in the region apart from Gedo tribal unification conference.

He added that currently the region is not enough mature to host a conference such like the one IJA declared therefore he called upon people hailing from Gedo to participate what he termed as unification meeting going on in Garbahaaray, the headquarter of the region.

“It is not suitable time for the region host regional MPs nomination conference therefore we urge people from this region to attend Gedo tribal unification conference” the deputy governor said.