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Afgooye administration calls IDPs to vacate government buildings

Storyline:National News

The administration of Afgoye district has publicized new steps to fight the increasing number of the illegal buildings along the main roads in the town and called upon hundred families living in government buildings to vacate the areas.
Afgoye deputy district commissioner for social affairs, Abdullahi Hassan Togane told Goobjoog FM that the administration is carrying out efforts rebuild the government buildings which are currently occupied by internally displaced people.
“We called upon everyone who is using government premises to to vacate as soon as possible, we need the buildings urgently” he said.
Abdullahi sent stern warning to the owners of the illegal buildings along the main roads in the town to clear the places before the administration demolishes their buildings.
Somali government has earlier forcefully evacuated hundreds of families living in government buildings from their houses in many town including the capital city, Mogadishu after the families turn deaf ears to the orders.
After the fall of Somali central government in 1990, the government institutions were looted and many important documentaries were distorted. Many IDP families use the building for housing.