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Afgoye administration demolishes illegal buildings along the main roads

Storyline:National News

Many illegal buildings alongside the main roads in Afgooye town have been demolished by the administration, sources say.
The demolishing operations which started early hours of Thursday have claimed houses, shops, stores, restaurants and cybercafés illegally built alongside the town’s main roads.
Afgooye secretary district, Omar Mohamed Mohamud Aka Omar Faray said that the operations launched are intended purpose of appealing the town and making the blocked roads passable.
“I promised to bring back the beauty of the town and clear the main roads which became impasse due illegal buildings build as close as pavement of the roads. This is the first phase to demolish the illegal houses” he said.
He said that his administration has given prior notices to the occupants of the building adding their orders fall on deaf ears.
Afgooye is good for its agricultural products as it is one of the nation’s green towns and the best places to pay visit as its close to Somalia’s capital city.