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Afgoye DC “We are grateful to Kenya but it has to mull its decision”

Storyline:National News

Afgoye district commissioner Hajji Gaabow Osman has for the time spoke about the the decision of Kenya government to shut down the world’s largest comp sheltering over 500000 mostly Somali refugees.
The DC noted that Somali people are grateful to Kenya government and its people for marvellous and unforgettable hosting they gave to Somali people after Somali government led by late Mohamed Siyad Barre collapsed.
“Though Kenya initially took good action after Somali government toppled but what is coming from our neighbouring country is really unpleasant because Kenya’s Deputy President delivered an ultimatum to the United Nations Refugee Agency to move nearly half a million Somali refugees out of a huge Kenyan refugee camp in three months or Kenya leaders will relocate them ourselves” he said.
Mr. Gabow welcomed “Gurmad iyo Gargaar” which is intended to help Somali refugees in Kenya and Yemen.
Finally Gabow called upon federal government of Somalia and its people to work together and put more efforts to evacuate Somali refugees from Kenya and Yemen.