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African Union Conference held in Addis-Abba “Attributed to Silence of the rifles”

Storyline:Security, World

The 33rd African Union Summit will be held today at the Headquarter of the African Union in the capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The two-day conference will be focused on Africa’s progress and aspirations for 2063 such as peace, economic development civil war, gender-based violence, conflicts and preventing genocide.

The program said China invests $ 80 million in a disease management program, which will be based in Ethiopia’s capital while the move opposed by the US.

Separately, there are other important meetings that will be discussed on a matter like the African agenda of 2063, problems in Africa, food scarcity and energy.

Finally, the conference will be expected to come out of the communiqué and things that Africa should focus on in 2020 which is meaningful for African countries development.

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