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Agendas of the Seventh Galmudug Parliament session

Storyline:National News

The seventh Galmudug parliament session which was officially opened yesterday was held at Adado, the capital of Galmudug, with a total of 39 members on the forum.

Galmudug Vice President Mohamed Hashi Abdi and the Speaker of the Parliament Ali Gacal Casir have long sought to the need of unity and solidarity with leaders and communities in Galmudug.

Goobjoog News contacted Adado to find out why the 46 members didn’t attend the session to complete the forum and what are the agendas of the 7th parliamentary session in Galmudug.

Yusuf Mohamud an Mp in the session said “that the total numbers of the members of parliament in Adado are 49, but yesterday’s 39 of the members attended the session which was opening and will not be considered, but they must return to the parliament to work on the coming days.

Goobjoog News also asked Garaad MPs for the agenda to address the Galmudug parliamentarians in the 7th Session,

Garad said “We demanded that the Djibouti Agreement in Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna should be submitted to the parliament, and we will also discuss the bill for workers, local government and Galmudug budget.”

Garad Yusuf Mohamud, finally said “they are monitoring the federal government by requesting that the vice president be brought to the attention of Galmudug.”

That the parliament will convene in Adado should be without Ahlu-Sunna, which are less than to former Galmudug parliamentarians.

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