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Ahlu Suna backs Juba reconciliation conference

Storyline:National News

The administration of Ahlu Suna Wal Jama’a in Southern Somalia compromised their rival stand  against the interim administration of Juba.

Ahlu Suna spokesman Sheikh Isaak Al-Qadi stated that the group will support and attend the second phase of Juba reconciliation conference that has entered its second day in Kismayo, the administrative of Juba administration in Southern Somalia.

The spokesman reiterated that the group has severally boycotted the peace deal of the region but this time round full y agreed to support the conference meant to resolve the political tensions and fix the determinations of Juba community.

Juba reconciliation conference officially opened by president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Tuesday has entered its second day.

While opening the conference President Hassan urged the warring sides responsible for the clashes in the region to fully participate the peace process.

“I call the Interim Jubba Administration to carry on the peace and reconciliation process and to allow the completeness of all sides.” President Hassan said.