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Ahlu Suna boycotts agreement signed in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Ahlu Suna Wal JamaaThe administration of Ahlu suna Wal Jamaa has boycotted the agreement signed in Mogadishu to form a new regional administration in central Somalia.

The chairman of Ahlu Suna wal Jamaa executive committee Abdirizak Ali Mire in a press conference stated that Ahlu Suna Wal Jamaa was not represented in the meeting where some administrations signed documents meant to form new administration in Central regions of Somalia as there was prior consultation between the sides.

The chairman reiterated that their administration will not recognize the outcomes of the meeting adding that the formation of the new administration is unconstitutional.

Finally the chairman stated Ahlu suna is ready to back every effort aimed at strengthening the unity of Somali people and overall security of the country.

His remarks comes a time when representatives from Central Somalia signed a document towards establishment of new administration under the leadership of federal government, the meeting was also attended by UN, EU and African Union.