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Ahlu Suna: the presence of disguised forces will threaten the security of the region

Storyline:National News

Ahlu Suna Wal Jama administration in Gedo region expressed high concern over unknown masked government forces that landed in Garbahrey airstrip on Wednesday.

The chairman of Ahlu Suna Sheikh Abdirahman Al-Ansari said the presence of forces in Garbarey , the headquarters of Gedo region will threaten the security of the region.

He blamed the federal government of Somalia for failing to give prior notice on the motive behind the force’s trip to the administrations of Gedo region and Ahlu Suna to avoid confrontations.

The remarks of the chairman comes after six disguised forces touched down Garbaharey airstrip on Wednesday, sources confirm that they have taken meeting with senior government officials and elders in the district.

The forces in Gedo region  pledge loyalty to different administrations and this has brought suspicion and sometimes conflicts among them.

The federal government of Somalia has declined to give comment about the issue.