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Ahlu Sunna Accuses Government of Halting Offensive against Alshabab

Storyline:National News

The administration of Ahlu Sunnah, the armed religious group has accused the federal government of Somalia for halting offensives against Alshabab in Gedo.

Sheik Abdirahman Ahmed Amin, one of the high ranking officials of the organization in Gedo told Goobjoog that they are still engaged fighting with Alshabab, while the government abandoned the fighting.

“There is a negligence of the fight against Alshabab in Gedo, it would have been better if we bring back the glorious days for the armed forces, it’s the government who is dragging its feet on the fight against Alshabab, to defeat them we also need weapons and other equipments” he added.

Alshabab still controls parts of Gedo and the entire Middle Jubba region, and there has no major security operations there against Alshabab.

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