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Ahlu-Sunna fighters to launch attacks in Garbaharey town against Al-Shabaab

Storyline:National News

Garbaharey districtThe moderate Islamist group Ahlu-Sunna Waljama’a has vowed to up its offensive against the militant group Al-Shabaab in Gedo region.

The chairman of the group in Gedo region, Shariif Sahardiid Aadan who spoke exclusively to Goobjoog News said that the group’s fighters will launched increased attacks in Garbaharey town which is under the control of Al-Shabab ever since it dislodged the government soldiers from the town.

“Somali National Army (SNA), Ahlu-Sunna fighters and African peace-keeping mission (AMISOM) troops are heading to Garbaharey town to liberate Somali people from Al-Shabab. The troops will attack the town from different directions, we wish to liberate the town in forthcoming days” he said.

Some three thousand AMISOM troops from Ethiopia this week crossed to Gedo and have been advancing to the Al-Shabaab held strategic town of Baardheere.

Alshabab has reportedly deployed more fire power in the town as residents flee the city to safer places for fear on an imminent clash.

The claims by Ahlu-Sunna Waljama’a comes hours after the government claimed responsibility for thr drone strike which killed two Al-Shabaab commanders, Ismail Jabhad and Ismael Dhere.

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