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Ahlu Sunnah Accepts the Formation of Central State

Storyline:National News

Sheekh CabdiqaadirThe administration of Ahlu Sunnah in the Galgaduud region has said they have accepted the formation of Central State of Somalia.

The Ahlu Sunah Chairman for central command Sheik Omar Sheik Abdikadir told Goobjoog News that they requested the formation of the state in the past and that there is no reason to resist now.

“There will always be disagreements among people who are shareholders, but  this should be worked out when we sit down and discuss, I will not tell you the outcome, remember there is nothing like to say this is what I want and if it’s not implemented things will not be ok, I don’t see a problem  with the conference venue, it could be anywhere people agreed on” says the chairman.

He further commented on the security of the conference, and said that they requested from the Federal Government to provide security details to the conference, but they are awaiting response from the government.

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