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Ahlu Sunnah Forces take over Abudwak town in preemptive measure against Galmudug

Storyline:National News

CaabudwaaqForces loyal to armed group Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaah have entered the town of Abudwak, Galgudud region and taken control, a move calculated as preemptive against newly formed administration of Galmudug.

An official from the group Hassan Gobe Warsame has told Goobjoog News that his forces seized the city without a fight after local fighters abandoned the city in the face of imminent confrontation.

Referring to the Ahlu Sunnah self proclaimed regional state, Warsame said, “It’s our duty to stabilize our state government, the residents of our territories should live in peace and harmony. We chased away militias with the army uniform from the town.”

This is seen as a preemptive measure against the newly formed Galmudug state whose deputy president Mohamed Hashi Arabey was in the town last week canvassing support and trying to establish offices for the state.

Administration of Abudwak refute the Seizure

However government administration of Abudwak has refuted claims that Ahlu Sunna fighters have captured the city. They maintain that the city is still under their control.

Abudwak mayor Hareri Hassan Barre who spoke to Goobjoog News said that local forces are in the city and manning all important government premises.

We reached a consensus among ourselves to safeguard our security by setting aside some 800 armed men to guard the city. Claims from those who are in Dhusamareb that they have taken over the city is falsehood,” said the Mayor.

Ahlu Sunnah has been making inroads in Galgudud town by capturing territories from federal Somali National Army. Just yesterday they wrested control of Ban Gelle location from government control in a bloody confrontation.

The newly formed Galmudug state has been struggling to convince Ahlu Sunna to accept the outcome of the Adado state formation conference to no avail. Ahlu Sunna has since named their own president and now expanding their reach.

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