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Ahlusuna claims victory over Dhusamareb fight and captured renegade general

Storyline:National News

At least 10 people killed and 30 others wounded in intense fight between Ahlusana forces and fighters loyal to former Somali national army general inside Dhusamareb town.

The spokesman of Ahlusuna waljamah Mursal Mohmmad Yusuf claimed that they have defeated attacking forces ‘ We were attacked by Somali National Army, Galmudgug , forces loyal to Ahmed Abdisalam and man who previously said he defected Somali government forces’

Goobjoog news learns from reliable source that Liban Madaxweyne –the commander of attacking forces was captured by Alhlusan waljama forces.

Meanwhile Galmudg state forces deployed outskirts of Dhusamareb town and ready to take new offensive against Ahlusuna forces. Source confirm to Goobjoog.

Ahlusuna forces tighten their grip in Dhusamareb town with reinforcement From Grua’il.