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Ahmed Fiqi presidential candidate of upcoming Central State: “The livelihood situations in some parts of Mudug and Galgaduud regions reached beyond repair.”

Storyline:National News

Ahmed Ma’alin Fiqi aspirant for the president of upcoming Central State of Somalia alarmed that there are difficult livelihood situations existing in some parts of Mudug and Galgaduud areas as he toured the region on his first leg of the campaign trail.

These localities are all in remote areas of the region and the candidate underlined that he had witnessed people in those zones living in hand to mouth life.

People are accustomed to get drinking water far areas which may take several hours to reach. This is due to the scarcity of the water resources there

Fiqi said that some of the areas were under the control Al-shabab for several years who rejected access for the aid agencies, he said this has worsened the situation and to some point reached beyond repair.

He highlighted that his visit was based on getting information concerning the situations of these regions in order to adjust on his manifesto to be carried out if elected to the presidency.