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Yemeni aid agency lauds Goobjoog News for refugee evacuation efforts

Storyline:National News

An aid agency in Yemen has applauded Goobjoog News for its effortless contribution to the evacuation of Somali refugees trapped in Yemen following the break out of conflict in the Arabian Peninsula country.

During a thanksgiving ceremony held in Mukalla town in Yemen, Saeeda Association of Refugees (SAR), a refugee affairs agency said Goobjoog News had done an exemplary job in facilitating the refugee evacuation.

“Through Gargar and Gurmad and later sending reporters to pursue the story in Yemen, Goobjoog News has exemplified true patriotism and a journalism geared towards public service,” said Ali Bahdaan from SAR.

Goobjoog News and her sister station Goobjoog FM organised and mobilised a refugee evacuation initiative Gargar and Gurmad which saw it raise funds from private and public sector to help the government and humanitarian agencies facilitate the evacuation.

Goobjoog News also dispatched two of its reporters to Yemen to cover the story and provide real time coverage of the evacuation process.

Bahdaan also thanked humanitarian agencies, private companies and other media organisations who have played a critical role in ensuring both Somali and Yemeni nationals were moved to safety in the midst of the ongoing conflict between the Houthi rebels and Saudi led coalition strikes.

More than 10,000 Somali and Yemeni refugees have been evacuated from Yemen in the last two months.

At least 120 Somali refugees have been killed in Yemen since the fighting erupted early this year.

Officials from Hadarmuud region in Yemen, NGOs, traders, reporters and other dignitaries attended the function.

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