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Air Djibouti launches cargo flights to Mogadishu


The first cargo plane owned by Air Djibouti, the flag carrier of the Red Sea state of Djibouti, landed at the Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport on Friday.

Government ministers, legislators and the Djiboutian Ambassador to Somalia welcomed the maiden flight at the seafront terminal, after its 24 absence in the Somali airspace.

Government officials led by the Minister for Air and Land Transport, Ali Ahmed Jama Jingili and the Djiboutian Ambassador to Mogadishu, Dayib Dubad Roble lined up at the airport to celebrate the return.

“This cargo transport voyage is the start of regular flights by Air Djibouti, which will soon include passenger flights,” said Ambassador Roble.


Mr Jingali said that the flights, both cargo and passengers, between Djibouti and Somalia will strengthen the ties between the two Horn of Africa countries.

“Our government envisages to start Somali Airlines as soon as possible,” remarked Minister Jinali without specifying date for Somali Airlines flights to Djibouti.

The national carrier ceased to operate in January 1991, following the collapse of the central government.

Turkish Airlines is the only major air transport with regular flights between Istanbul and the Somali capital.

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