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Airstrikes hit village in Middle Shabelle region as Al-Shabaab retreat

Storyline:National News, Security

Airstrikes hit a village earlier held by the militant group Al-Shabaab Tuesday night in Middle Shabelle region, residents said.

Residents of Qalimow village told Goobjoog News there were heavy bombardments in the village amid reports the attacks were targeting Al-Shabaab militants. The militants had earlier taken over the village but retreated Tuesday evening.

Al-Shabaab has yet not remarked of the loss on their side.

Recently, U.S. strikes have increasingly targeted low-level Al-Shabab operatives who are involved in smuggling weapons, bombers and vehicle-borne explosive devices into the main cities, such as Mogadishu.

Al-Qaida-affiliated al-Shabab is fighting to topple Somalia’s Western-backed government. It is blamed for countless terrorist attacks in the country.

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