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Al-Shabaab Attack in Daynuunaye, Bay Region

Storyline:National News

Heavily armed Al-Shabab fighters have attacked Somali federal government forces backed by the south west forces military base on the outskirts Deynuun town, Bay region.

Al-Shabaab posted their internet sites by saying that they have occupied the area for many hours, and also carried out military supplies.

Nuradin Gacma, spokesman of south west, “told local media that the al-Qaeda-linked group suffered heavy losses in the attack and retreated after a long gun battle.”

Al-Shabaab fighters have reportedly been pushed out of the area and have been waging war for more than an hour.

He pointed out that when they invaded the city , a number of roadblocks were launched all around the town and they encountered heavy losses which would be reported. There are still no casualties on the government’s side resulting from the fighting in the Deynuun district of Bay region.

Al-Shabab, which is fighting the southern part of Somalia routinely targets AU forces and government bases in the country.

The Daynuunaye town is approximately 26 km to Baidoa the city center in Bay region.

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