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Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for killing legislator in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Al-Shabaab claimed credit for the killing of a Somali lawmaker shot dead today near his home in Mogadishu’s Hamarweyne district.

Sheikh Adan Madeer who was  the chairperson of Somali parliament’s sub-committee on finance was on his way to his home when armed men shot him several times in the head, after he left Marwas Mosque where he performed the Friday Prayer. Making him the second lawmaker assassinated in Mogadishu in less than a month.

“Our Mujahedin fighters in Mogadishu have assassinated Sheikh Aden Mader.  He was one of the apostates who claimed to establish rules against God’d rules,”Al Shabab spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis abu Mus’ab said.

Al-shabab spokesman stated that they will continue killing all Somali parliamentarians because they approved  the African Union Mission to operate in Somalia.

“They are apostates, they are those legalized foreign troops to come to Somalia,” he added.

The armed men escaped from the scene soon after killing the lawmaker.  Police reached the area but nobody was arrested yet.

A famous lawmaker and singer Saado Ali Warsame was shot and killed a week ago and Al-shabab also claimed the killing.