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Al-Shabaab commander arrested in Qoryooley town

Storyline:National News

A  senior Al-Shabaab commander was arrested by Government forces in a security operation in an area close to Qoryolay town in lower Shabelle of southern Somalia.

Q said Moalim Hundow, a senior Al-Shabaab commander in the region, was the main target of the security forces

Somali government’s police commander in Qoryoley, Amaadi Gabow Bule has confirmed to Goobjoog News that the government forces captured Mohamed Ali Gele, Al-Shabaab’s commander who was operating in many areas in lower Shabelle region after long search for him.

“We have arrested Ali, Al-Shabaab commander in the area who has been forcefully collecting levies from herdsmen and farmers. There was no other casualty. We will continue the fight against Al-Shabaab,”  Amaadi said, adding that they will never allow the Al-Shabaab militants to collect unjustified levies on citizens.

He said the Somali and AU troops will intensify the war against Al-Shabaab militants to undermine their capacity to launch attacks against civilians in the Horn of Africa state.

Al-Shabaab insurgents lost key towns including Qoryooley town to AMISOM forces.