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Al-Shabaab has links with pirates: Galmudug commander

Storyline:National News

Cooperation between Somalia’s Al-Shabab fighters and pirate gangs  is what becomes clear and obvious as the Al-Shabaab group becomes more desperate for funding, commander of Galmudug forces said on Sunday.

In recent Months Somali government forces backed by AMISOM troops and regional state forces launched attacks to flush out the group from many parts of the seaports town.

“Al-Shabaab and pirates are one and the same and we shall fight and eradicate both them” said Mohamud Mohamed.

“We are almost sure about that otherwise in the Shabaab held areas pirates will not operate,”  he added.

Mohamed said Galmudug, will carry out operations to restrain pirates in its territory although is struggling with a lack of resources, would back any operations against both groups “if required in cooperation with the local Somali authorities”.

“Within our limits we will do everything we can but we are appealing to the international community to support us in establishing our marine police force to be operative now,” Mohamed said.

Analysts have earlier warned that Somali pirates were likely to turn to softer targets,