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Al Shabaab militants attack Baar Sanguuni of Lower Jubba Kismayo

Storyline:National News, Security

Somalia’s al Shabaab group attacked a military base with truck bombs in Baar Sanguuni town northern of Kismayo, Somalia.

Al-Shabaab fighters have attacked the base early Saturday morning with 3 suicide truck bombs but the SNA forces have reacted well and defended their base, SNA officials confirmed.

It is not yet known the exact loss suffered by the two sides in the fighting, but the current situation in the area was confirmed stable.

Somali and African Union forces have increased ground and air offensives against the militant group Al-Shabaab in the last few months.

This came as African Union forces have started a conditions-based draw-down from the Horn of Africa nation.

Kismayo was one of the strongholds of Al-Shabaab, with its port being used as the group’s main revenue source before it was forced out by Kenyan forces in 2012.