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Al-Shabaab’s Extortion Mechanisms Undermined by Government’s Efforts, Security Advisor Says

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: Federal government of Somalia’s National Security Advisor Hussein Sheikh-Ali has said the government’s counter-terrorism strategy has greatly undermined Al-Shabaab’s extortion mechanisms.

The federal government of Somalia’s counter-terrorism efforts has significantly weakened Al-Shabaab’s extortion mechanisms, National Security Advisor Hussein Sheikh-Ali has said.

While outlining the impact of recent security measures, Hussein highlighted the progress made by the federal government in undermining the financial operations of the group.

“The government’s counterterrorism strategy has seriously weakened Al-Shabaab terrorists’ extortion mechanisms. This achievement is part of a broader effort to disrupt the group’s ability to finance its operations and exert control over local populations through intimidation and coercion,” the National Security Advisors stated.

The federal government of Somalia maintains that it remains resolute in its mission to dismantle Al-Shabaab’s operational capabilities adding that the government is ready to adopt to the group’s evolving countermeasures.

“Enhanced intelligence operations, community engagement, and regional cooperation are central to these efforts, aimed at ensuring long-term security and stability,” Hussein noted.

The National Security Advisor’s statement reflects the administration’s confidence in its counterterrorism efforts and the tangible results achieved so far.