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Al-Shabab attacks SNA base in Marka

Storyline:National News

several are feared have been killed in an attack by Al-Shabaab in a Southern port town on Tuesday night, witnesses and officials confirm.

Al-Shabaab launched a surprise attack in Marka town  in the lower Shebelle region, which it lost its control to the African Union and Somali government forces three years.

Shooting started shortly after midnight and lasted more than three hours, while government forces were backed by African Union forces firing mortars from their bases in the town.

‘’It was a large-scale attack that began at midnight and continued for hours,’’ said one of the residents.

Somali troops backed by AMISOM have jointly conducted  operations in and outside Marka area to prevent further attack by Al shabaab fighters, residents said.

The port town of Marka which lies 110Km northwest of Mogadishu was recaptured by SNA and AMISOM from Al-Shabaab in 2012 after deadly offensive.

Al-Shabab controlled most of southern Somalia as recently as 2010, but has been pushed into the countryside by AU and Somali government forces.