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“Al-Shabab did not attack Wanla-Weyn” SNA commander

Storyline:National News

Somali National Army commanders in Lower Shabelle region have casted away reports indicating that Somali forces have withdrawn Wanla-weyn as they said that troops are not being withdrawn from any town or location.

The commander of the sixth battalion of SNA, Ahmed Teredishe speaking to Goobjoog News termed the reports unfounded false and the troops will never leave any town or location which will in effect allow Al-Shabaab to return and brutalize Somali citizens.

He highlighted that the administration of Wanla-weyn left the town days before and accused them being incompetent.

“SNA soldiers are in Wanla-weyn and its surrounding areas, I am assure that the troops did not vacated the town last night and no single Al-Shabab fighters stepped in the town” he said.

Meanwhile, he confirmed some other areas under Lower Shabelle vacated by Somali National Soldiers.

This comes hours after Fighters loyal to Alshabab have taken over the strategic town of Wanle Weyn, just 90km from Mogadishu on the main road to Baidao.

Residents have told Goobjoog News that the rebels have switched off the power and addresses congregates in the mosques, warning resident against supporting government and opposing them.

The government forces that were controlling there have fled the town on hearing the news of Alshabab approach.